Imagine if you had help planning, shooting, editing your course videos and hosting the videos online on your own website for your students.

Being able to have a videographer, a video editor and a web designer to help you take care of these and deliver to you a well-made video course for your students.

You could outsource the planning of the course to a content creator. You could hire a videographer to help you shoot the video course and a video editor to edit the videos after.

How about hiring a web designer to design a website with learning management system where your courses will be hosted online. You can do all of these but the idea of going through all the hiring, screening of these skilled person is enough work.

Then I created Videoguy...

Videoguy started with me Tony Obum, in 2020, a video content creator with a mobile phone and also a video editor.

In 2019 I was just creating videos with my mobile phone and editing them, this was at a time videos were becoming so popular on social media.

So the more video content I create and post, the more awesome feedbacks I get, and the more job requests came.

I got gigs from e-commerce sellers, content creators, you tubers, business owners and skilled individuals who wish to create a video course on a particular skill set.

Video course gigs got my attention, I do mostly the editing , and other stages , like the planning, the shooting which the creators mostly shoot at jaw dropping price at studios ,the LMS/video hosting gets outsourced.

But I saw a loophole...

The need to have all of this service in one, the need to plan a video course, shoot the videos at the comfort of the creators’ home, and have an LMS website where the videos are hosted for the students and got to work to offer these solutions.

Most course Creators in Nigeria have issues planning, shooting quality videos on a budget and even hosting the videos for their students (This helps prevent copyright)

To help course creators take off the stress and work involved in creating a course and to have a good quality video course that your student will enjoy watching, Videoguy was born.

Now you have someone to plan your video course with, someone to come to the comfort of your home or office and shoot your video course for you, edit those videos and have a website designed to host the videos.

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