Fiverr Founder- Micha Kaufman the Israeli Millionaire co-founder

My last post was centred on a Fiverr review, a freelancing marketplace worth over $1.75B. 

Today I will dig in deep to bring to you the Fiverr Founder, Micha Kaufman, the man behind this successful freelancing platform.

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Fiverr founder Micha Kaufman
Micha Kaufman speaking at a startup even in Tel Aviv

Who is Fiverr Founder?

Micha Kaufman(51) is the CEO and co-founder of Fiverr, the most popular online marketplace for freelancers and entrepreneurs. 

As a private investor and venture capital company partner, he also assists startup founders in their endeavours.

 Micha contributes his expertise to different media venues, including Entrepreneur, Wired, Medium, and The Do List on Fiverr, as an industry expert.

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His Family background

Micha Kaufman was born in a kibbutz, an agricultural communal settlement in northern Israel after his parents moved from Argentina. 

His parents, who established a thriving existence without the luxury of a safety net, motivated him to make a reputation for himself. 

His father began his career as a mechanical engineer and rose to prominence in the semiconductor sector, while his mother worked in education and ran the household. 

They instilled strong family values and demonstrated a willingness to take risks in order to grow and thrive as a team.

Career & Education 

Micha has been contributing articles to Wired and Forbes since 2013 and 2012, respectively, in addition to running 

He was a Founding Partner at Accelerate from 2008 to 2010. He has previously started a series of technology enterprises.

 Invisia Limited (from 2003 to 2010), Keynesis (from January 2003 to 2010), and are among them (from April 2005 to April 2008).

 After leaving his employment in 2004, he embarked on his entrepreneurial career. 

He worked as a faculty member at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology from 2003 to 2004.

 Prior to that, he worked at Sanford T. Colb & C. Intellectual Property Advocates and Patent Attorneys as an Advocate.

From 1994 to 1997, Kaufman studied Intellectual Property Law at Haifa University’s Faculty of Law.

How he became Fiverr founder

Micha Kaufman cofounded Fiverr with Shai Wininger and Guy Gamzu in 2009. By providing an online marketplace for creative and digital skills, this platform shook up the freelance business.

 The name came from the fact that all services were only $5 at the time of debut. Fiverr has provided individuals with simple access to lean entrepreneurship by allowing them to test their freelancing talents and find a market for their products remotely since its inception.

Micha claims that freelancers were crucial in helping him establish his enterprises prior to founding Fiverr. 

Despite the fact that he enjoyed working with them, hiring freelancers was always a high-friction procedure. Finding the skills he needed may take weeks or months, not to mention the bother of negotiating pricing and contractual arrangements. 

To help solve this problem he founded Fiverr

Fiverr founder Networth

I searched extensively on the web about the net worth, and properties owned by the but found none. His private life is non-existence on the web and all I could find are all information about Fiverr.

According to this website,, Micha Kaufman is worth $1.7M. That figure is quite understandable as Fiverr is worth $1.75B.

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