Google AdSense Account – How to get Adsense Approval In 24 hours.

Google Adsense account is a big deal among bloggers. It is a very good way for Bloggers/Vloggers to earn money from their blog/Vlog from the content they publish. 

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Today I will share with you a Secret of mine that got me Adsense approval in under 24 hours.

Google Adsense account
Peep that Approval message

Get AdSense account approved within 24 hours with these tips

Google Adsense account approval is dependent on a few factors and I advise you to take note of these few things before you apply for Google Adsense.

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Blog Content

The content they say is king, and Google doesn’t play when it comes to content. Your blog should be filled with valuable and rich content before it is approved by Google to show ads. 

Rich Content I mean here is content that viewers will want to read. Not plagiarism content or some content that was written by some bot. Your blog should be filled with original content that is yours.

The word count of the blog post should be put into consideration too. A veteran Blogger, the owner of Waploaded stressed that before you apply for Google Adsense. All published blog posts on your blog should be at least 1000 words. 

Google frowns at low content, blog posts with low word count will get you no approval

Furthermore, The number of Published posts on your blog should be up to 10 posts. This is not a rule as I myself got approved with only 8 blog posts published so far. 

This is to say that before you submit your application, make sure your blog has a tangible amount of blog posts published that have been indexed by Google.

Blog Design

The way your blog is designed plays a huge role too in your Google Adsense account approval. Google looks out to see a blog that is well designed, Mobile friendly, clean layout and is easy to navigate.

If you wish to see your blog approved faster than you know it, then make sure to use a user-friendly theme on your website.

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Free WordPress Themes that are Google Adsense account Friendly

These free themes meet the Google Adsense standards and are all recommended by Fidelis Ozuawala in the Bloggers Chain Group.

Your Blog Niche

The Niche of your Blog some speculate also has a role to play in getting approval. A peep into the below conversations will give you a tip.

Source: Tonyobum Facebook page

It is more like, the less saturated that niche is and the more willing advertisers are likely to bid for it. This explains why some niche gets approved faster than other.

Must have web pages

Google suggests that there are pages your blog should have to meet their standard. If these pages are not found on your blog, then your chances of getting approved are low.

What are these pages if you ask? 🤔

The About us Page

The Contact us Page

The Privacy policy Page

The Terms of Service Page.

All the above-mentioned pages must be created with appropriate content before you apply. Failure to create these pages for your blog before applying for Google AdSense will reduce your chance of getting approved.

Your Blog Age

Google stipulates that you should be up to 18 years of age before you apply for Adsense.

The age on your Gmail account with which you will apply for AdSense will tell Google this. Age aside, the age of your blog/domain also counts. 

According to shoutmeloud, your blog should at least be up to six months before you can submit your application.

Source: Shoutmeloud

Summary of Adsense account approval in 24 hours 

To reiterate my point once again, make sure your content is rich and up to 1000 words. 

👍 Publish up to 10 quality blog posts on your blog.

👍 Have a blog that is user-friendly and Google Adsense Friendly as well.

👍 Create necessary Pages as I mentioned above.

👍 Your blog/domain should be at least 6 months of age.

When you have met all these requirements, then you can apply for Google Adsense and be confident that you will get approved.

Love 🥰 from Tony Obum

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