How to make money on YouTube without showing your face

How to make money on YouTube without showing your face, really? 🙄

 Is that even possible? Yeah, you can make money on YouTube without showing your face on YouTube and this is exactly what I will reveal to you in this post.

Just so you know YouTube is a video platform where people get entertainment, get informed watching video content. The good news is that YouTube pays people who create and make videos on YouTube.

To be able to make money on YouTube, you have to create videos, with or without showing your face, but our main focus is on:

How to make money on YouTube without showing your face

Remember we have to create videos before we can make money, so allow me to show you different ways you can create videos without showing your face:

Create videos using Screen recording apps

You can create videos on any topic, just by screen recording using an app or software.  Let’s assume you are a website designer you can screen record your screen while your show your viewers how to design a website.

There are a lot of apps that can help you achieve this, the most popular of them is Camtasia. On your mobile phones, you can also screen record using du recorder while you show your viewers how to design using Canva or whatever tutorial video you can make by screen recording.


 I will advise you to learn how to edit videos, so you can always edit your screen record videos, add pictures, videos and edit the audio to make it sound better.

 I Have put together over 22+ video tutorials to teach you👉 how to make and edit videos, 👈Get in now.

Use to turn articles into videos

 If you are Camera shy, then you can easily turn your blog posts/articles into videos and upload them to YouTube. All you need to do is go over to this website, signup and paste your article.

Artificial Intelligence will turn your text into a video that you can download and upload to YouTube.

Saves a lot of time right?

Use text to speech Software

If you are camera shy, text to speech software out there will surely come in handy for you. You can turn your text into speech, that’s audio with a click of a finger using this software.

You can then import the audio into any video editing software you use and add corresponding videos and images to make It up to a video that you can upload to your YouTube channel.

I highly recommend Natural reader as one of the best text to speech software out there.

Use stock videos: Using stock videos from websites like and is another great way of making videos without showing your face.

You can Merge and add stock videos and images to tell a story in your videos with no issues. That is why I lay much emphasis on why you really need to👉 learn how to make and edit videos.👈

Not all videos require you to show your face, make such videos

 Yes it is true, some viewers on YouTube came to get informed and entertained and they care less about the face behind the YouTube channel. You can start making such types of videos.

Here are a few of such video ideas;

a. Top 10 videos

Top 10 videos is a popular niche on YouTube. All you need to do is make a Top 10 countdown list about a famous topic YouTube viewers are looking to watch. Such as Top 10 Richest actors in Hollywood.

How to make money on YouTube without showing your face.
42 million views on this Top 10 video.

Your viewers are there to watch the Top 10 list and are not concerned to see your cute face.

b. DIY Videos

DIY stands for Do it yourself. DIY videos are quite popular on YouTube as many channels have a huge number of views just showing DIYs and life hacks.

How to make money on YouTube
Massive views just uploading DIY videos without their faces on Youtube

You too can as well start making such videos. A DIY on How to knot a tie, a DIY on how to remove stains from teeth etc.

c. Compilation Videos

There are a lot of video compilations that YouTube viewers find fun. Meme and fun clip compilation, funny cat and dog compilation, Epic fail compilation etc.

compilation videos on YouTube
People love to watch funny compilation videos, take a look at the views in less than 24hrs.

These types of videos can make you a huge sum of money in ad revenues on YouTube and don’t require you to smile at the camera at all.

d. Gaming Videos

Another Money making niche on YouTube is the Gaming niche. Pewdipie a celebrity on YouTube with over 400M subscribers on YouTube started his channel making videos of himself playing games. You too can screen record while you play your favourite games.

Gaming YouTube channel

You can make more money live streaming on YouTube while gaming too if your audience buys your channel perks and donate.

All of these Video Ideas I mentioned above are all part of How to make money on YouTube without showing your face.

As long as your channel is monetized and have views, you will earn money from ad revenues.

Additional ways How to make money on YouTube without showing your face

Aside from ad revenue, there are other ways you can as well make money on YouTube.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply a way of making money by helping others sell their services or products and get paid a commission. You can implement this on your YouTube channel each time you upload a video.

Signup on a good affiliate program such as Canva , Bluehost, Namecheap, Fiverr affiliates and each time you make a video related to their products or services, including your referral link in the comment section and the description. When your viewers make a purchase through your link, your get paid a commission.

Amazon is another great affiliate programme to join, if you have ever bought a product from them, for instance, a laptop, you can as well have your affiliate link in the description so your viewers can make their purchase through your link and you get paid.

I have talked about affiliate marketing in my previous post on How to make money online in Nigeria. Please go check it out as well.🥰

Sponsored Videos

This is a direct way of making money on YouTube. Companies can reach out to you with a deal to sponsor a review video on your channel. They can pay you to review a design tool such as Canva or poster wall.

Most phone and camera production companies do this a lot; they pay YouTube and send them their new products to review, thereby creating awareness about the new product.

 It is a win situation though for you YouTube and the company.


My conscience is clean and I am satisfied that I have passed this knowledge onto you. By now you should know how to make money on YouTube without showing your face. So urge you to take action right now.

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