How to make money online in Nigeria (Very Fast)

If you live in Nigeria, having an additional income is vital, therefore learn how to make money online in Nigeria.  There is this myth or popular saying that most Nigerians who make money online are into fraud, but I stand to correct that. You can make an honest living online in Nigeria from the comfort of your home.

Sit back, grab a cup of smoothie and let me show you How to make money online in Nigeria.

Legit ways on How to make money online in Nigeria

The truth still remains that there is not just one way to make money online but I will try and break down the concept of how to make money online works;

  • Sell something (Physical or digital products)
  • Help others sell something and get paid a commission.
  • Offer a Service in exchange for cash.
  • Become a Content Creator (Youtuber)

Sell Physical product: You must be willing to sell something in exchange for cash in other to be able to make money online. Selling something can be selling a product that people need.  Nigeria has an electricity problem, people don’t have access to a 24/7 power supply, so if you have solar-powered Fans, solar systems, solar power banks any product at all that can solve the issue of power for Nigerians,then you are rest assured of making money online.

Hot tip: Products that solve genuine problems such as health, light sell fast.

For example in 2018, I sold several units of these rechargeable table fans to hundreds of Nigerians and got paid without leaving my house. I was able to sell this product using Facebook paid Ads. I paid Facebook a certain amount of money and they showed the rechargeable fan I was selling to thousands of Nigerians and many of them paid me online through bank transfer without even meeting me or coming to my shop.  If you will love to know how to sell your products to Nigerians using Facebook paid Ads , then please leave a comment.

How to make money online in Nigeria
A screenshot from the rechargeable fan I sold

Another type of product you can sell to Nigerians to make money online is Health products. By Health products I mean products that help cure or take care of health challenges of people. People are looking for a fast and safe way to lose weight, if you know products that can help people achieve this, then you can sell those to make money online.

A typical example of Nigerians that make money online selling health products are brands like Fekomi, Suruka, Ekeaima wellness and a host of all others. You can take a look at the pictures of Nigerians willing to pay online just to get these products.

Sell Digital Products:  Digital products in a layman’s language are those products you can’t touch or feel. These products can be in form of videos or EBooks.  You can make money online in Nigeria selling Digital products. Let’s take, for instance, you know how to tie gele, you can make a video course teaching people how to tie gele. A lot of Nigerians in 2020 were searching massively on YouTube how to tie gele, so you can record a series of videos while you tie gele to teach people how to do so.

You can leverage on Facebook paid Ads to show your video course/your digital products to Nigerians who are willing to pay you to have access to those digital products.  As I mentioned earlier, Digital products can also be in form of EBooks, you can write a book on “How to keep a healthy relationship” People who need such knowledge will pay you for that.

Help others sell something and get paid a commission:  Helping others sell their products is one of those ways how to make money online in Nigeria. If you don’t have a product of your own to sell, no worries, you can still make money online through commissions. In the online world, this concept is known as Affiliate marketing.

A detailed guide on How to make money online in Nigeria
Money I made helping A company ,Bluehost sell their product.

There are websites where you can easily find products of other people that you can help sell and get paid a commission when someone buys through your link. The most popular of those websites are

Clickbank houses so many products you can promote and get paid a commission. If you sell a product on click bank that costs $100, you can be paid a 40% commission depending on the product vendor.

N: B. Clickbank doesn’t accept Nigerians but I have a hack that can get you in, So watch this video on How to create an account on Click bank in Nigeria.

Money made from helping sell their product.

How to make money online in Nigeria selling a Service in exchange for cash: This is an interesting way to make money online if you are a Nigerian living in Nigeria. This is for skilled persons; you must have a certain skill that people are willing to pay for. Let’s be realistic, there are certain skills that are in high in demand than others, such skills includes;

  • Digital marketing
  • Video editing
  • Data analytics
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Content creation/content marketing
  • Facebook paid advertising

To mention but a few.

These above skills are in high demand, so you can make money with them in Nigeria. Companies can pay you a huge sum of money to Design a website for them, or even to edit videos for them.  Be sure to add this money making avenue to your list. Learn a skill, take time to practice and master your skills and offer it as a service as people pay you money in exchange.

How to make money online in Nigeria Creating contents for YouTube: YouTube is a company owned by Google and this company rewards creators on their platform with money in $$$dollars. If you are not the shy type and can create engaging videos on any topic you know, then you can make money online as a creator on YouTube.

There are a lot of video ideas on YouTube, you can create comedy videos like Mark Angel, or you can create Tech videos like Fisayo , or you can Make How tutorials like Tony Obum, there are a lot of video ideas, it all depends on what you know and can make a video about.

How does YouTube pay you?

YouTube pays its creators on every 21st of the month, but before you get paid, your channel must have up to 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. The moment your YouTube channel hits these milestones, you will be paid according to the number of views you have on your videos.

Worthy mention on How to make money online in Nigeria

Blogging: You can make money from writing articles and publishing on your website. It is just similar to the making videos on youtube I mentioned earlier, but this time, it is writing articles and not videos. If you own a blog that is monetized by Google adsense, then the more readers visit your blog and click on the adverts Google placed on your website, the more money you make. The good thing is that Blogging pays you in Dollars which is a good thing if you live in Nigeria.

You will need a Dollar account to be able to receive payment, so Follow this tutorial on how to Create a domiciliary account in Nigeria

Conclusion on How to make money online in Nigeria

These money making avenues I listed and explained are all genuine and Legit ways that can make you a living, but I must say, it takes time, perseverance, right mentorship and patience to be able to make money online. Nothing good comes easy you know, so make sure to do your part and leave the rest for God.

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