How to price your Fiverr gig

Pricing your Fiverr gig can make or mar your sales on Fiverr. If you don’t get your pricing right, your potential customers will continue to avoid your gigs like a plague.

You don’t also have to set your pricing at $5 as a beginner. 

This post will dive into details and all the guidelines you need to get your pricing right and attract buyers on Fiverr.

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How much would you charge for that same gig offline

Your prices for a gig offline will go a long way to help you outline how much that same gig is worth on Fiverr. This alone will always be a guide to you when you set your prices on your Fiverr gig.

A typical example is Clinton, a graphic designer who is hired by a church to design a church program flyer offline. Clinton’s charges $50 for event flyer design. If eventually, Clinton is to signup on to Fiverr and wants to offer the same service on Fiverr, his basic pricing should start at $50, the same as what he charges offline.

This principle applies to other skilled sellers, writers, video editors,  copywriters, social media managers, etc.

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How much do you want to earn per hour on that gig?

People from Uk, Us, Canada, and some top tier 1 countries are familiar with paying within an hour. I mean they mostly get paid a certain rate per hour of work they put in. 

As a seller on Fiverr, you should be able to know how long a gig takes to complete from start to finish and fix a certain price per hour.

A business website consisting of a Homepage, about, services, and contact us pages will take me 5 hours to build and customize using the Astra theme template. 

Bearing in mind the above info, I peg my hourly charge at $30, meaning my basic for building a business website with 5 pages is $150.

Therefore, your gig prices should come in after you calculate how long a gig takes and also how much you want to charge per hour.

A myth about Fiverr price

 Set low prices to attract customers.

The honest truth

Low prices don’t mean more customers, $5 is just the least amount you can charge for a gig, but you can always set your prices higher and still have customers come to you. All that matters is the value you offer

How much are your competitors charging for that same gig on Fiverr?

Your competitors I mean here are your fellow Fiverr sellers who are off the same service as you do and are on a similar level as you are.

Logo design as a service has thousands of services available,  and on average, designers in this niche charge between $10 – $50 as their basic.

What you should do is go through their gig packages and what they offer per each gig package.  If it is what you can offer for such a price then you can go ahead to have a similar price as your basic like your competitors. 

N:B Irrespective of the prices your competitors set on their gigs if you go by that same price make sure to tweak your offer to what you are comfortable with.


I trust by now you should be able to set your prices right on Fiverr. Should there be further questions regarding this topic, Kindly Leave me a comment 😊.

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