Online payment- Card that works for Dollar Online payment in Nigeria

Online Payment is becoming so complex that most tech companies have discontinued their virtual card services.

Getbarter virtual cards stopped

Geegpay cards no longer work

Sudo is nowhere working as well.

So begs the question, what card works for online payment?

Grab your cup of smoothie and let me show you a card that works.

card for online payment
Proof of a payment I made using this Online payment method

Watch a Video about this Online payment method  that works 

YouTube video


Just so you know, this method has no spending limit of $20 and it is very efficient more than the other cards that I mentioned earlier

Things you will need

You will need a Dorm account

A dollar card linked to your Dorm account

Fund your Dorm account with dollars

A  Domiciliary account

You will most definitely need a domiciliary account. A dorm account is just like any account you have with your bank but this time it is in Dollars. I have written a post about how to open a dorm account in Nigeria

Go read about that to find out more about it.

Summarily you will need these to open a dorm account;

Walk into any Nigerian bank ( I used Gtb bank for mine)

Presenting your National ID, International Passport is widely acceptable.

Request to open a dorm account

Fill out the forms and Make a deposit of $50 or $100 ( Depends on the bank)

Your dorm account is ready.

A card linked to your dorm account

Now that you have your dorm account. It will be wise to request a debit card. This card will be linked to your Dorm account and work the same way your naira account and cards work. The moment you fund/Top up your dorm account, your card gets funded as well.

This card that is linked to your dorm account is exactly what you will use to make all your online payments. The good thing about this card is that it is very reliable. It works on all online payment websites. This card as well is not limited to a $20 monthly spend limit as stipulated by CBN. This is good as long as you have the money to fund your dorm account, you spend as you wish.

 Fund your Dorm account with dollars

The question here will be where to get dollars that will fund your account. There are so many places you can get your dollars. I will recommend two as I have been using this for a while now. The first one is from the Bearue de change. You can locate BDCs in your location and buy dollars from them. This method is a little expensive because it is the Black market rate they use.

 You can go for the second option which is buying dollars from Freelancers/Bloggers. You need to find trusted freelancers and bloggers who get paid in dollars and strike a deal with them. You buy off their dollars from them at an affordable rate better than the BDCs. 

Facebook is a good place you can find these bloggers and Freelancers. Join freelancing groups and make a post asking for legit freelancers that can sell dollars to you. You just have to be extra careful with this method though, as scammers might want to take advantage of this as well.

You can as well become a Blogger yourself by applying for Google Adsense. These tips will help you get your Google Adsense approval faster

As you have funded your dorm account linked to your card, you can go ahead and enjoy seamless Online payment.

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