Never released high-end video coaching program that makes video making/editing,fun and accessible

Learn how to make videos with your PHONE and edit like a pro for course creators, video content creators and small businesses

This Course helped us grow our company 10X faster than the traditional way we were doing it before. This is not just a course, this is a marketing blueprint for scaling companies online.

"This Course Changed My Life!"

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"This Course is worth the price!"

Daniel got my course last year and have been able to take his video making to the next level – Daniel James


"Thank you Tony Obum for this!"

Aniekeme is a Real-estate agent that got the course and I have seen tremendous improvement in his videos – Aniekeme Obot


"One of the best courses!"

Joseph is a forex trader & course creator who needs help improving the quality of his videos – Joseph Abah


How to quickly shoot outstanding videos and edit them perfectly and how to make money with it.

I have taken out the guesswork and pain you will go through in years and replaced with practical and easy strategies you can quickly use to start, grow and make money with making & editing videos

"No This is Not Another Course!, I will Teach You How to Make and Edit Videos for Your Business"

I have taken out the guesswork and pain you will go through in years and replaced with practical and easy strategies you can quickly use to learn how to make and edit videos like a pro, grow and make money with video content creation and marketing.

Let me tell you

You’ve never come across a program like this. 

Nobody is teaching this sort of essential information in such a practical way. 

Only a few come close and their fees are in the millions, and even so but they don’t truly understand how to simplify it so it’s dead easy for the Nigerian market. 

This is totally and completely unique. 

Am I crazy? Why do I reduce the price to such low amount?


My schedule is full. I have a waiting list of clients.

And once this program is created—because it’s delivered digitally for the first part and live training in Lagos for the meetup —the costs are minimal.

As part of my mission to help more people have a skill that can change their lives forever

It allows me to create a legacy and deliver the deal of the century to you.

While it allows you to:

What’s more…

You will be refunded in full if you’re not 100% satisfied

That’s right.

You have the luxury of going through this entire program, and providing you:

  1. implement the recommended steps
  2. complete the exercises
  3. and send them through to my team within the first 12 months

You’ll receive a 100% refund after you drop me a note when you’ve finished.

Can I possibly be any fairer than that?

Now the ball is in your court and you have two options: 


Option 1

Continue to jump from one program to another, hoping for the best. Stay in the confusion, praying you find a breakthrough.


Option 2

Discover how to make and edit videos like a pro and also make good income from it.

As you can see, the choice is yours.  

I look forward to helping you take your business to a whole new level. I know this will be the most practical and results-oriented course you have ever completed. And I can’t wait to hear of your results.


What you get when you enroll to this course today

"But Hey - Don't Take My Word For IT!"

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Gift Mogor-Webdesigner

 Joseph Abah-Forex trader

 Tiktok star-Daniel James

Learn from an expert who already has years of experience in videomaking & Editing

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Now The Million Dollar Question Is…

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